We purchase commercial thermostat and safety valve cores

Here is a list of the cores we most commonly need:

  • FMDA - Comm Safeties - 3/8 & 1/2 NPT (Complete!)
  • FMEA - Comm Safeties - 3/8 & 1/2 NPT (Complete!)
  • MSC - Comm & Domestic Safeties ALL SIZES!! (Complete!)
  • Harper Wyman - Comm Safeties - 1/4 NPT x 7/16 T (Complete!)
  • FD & FDO Style Thermostats 3/8 & 1/2 NPT (Complete!)
  • FDO Powerheads (Complete Only!)
  • TS11 Safeties ALL SIZES - with Rear Casting (Complete!)
  • Baso Safeties H15/H43 ALL SIZES - with Rear Casting (Complete!)
  • BJFMA Style Thermostats ALL SIZES (Complete!)
  • GS Style Thermostats - PITCO - ALL SIZES (Complete!)
  • K & EA Style 30 AMP Electrics - R/S ONLY! (Complete!)
  • LC Type High Limits - R/S ONLY! With Good Switch (Complete!)
  • Combo MV - R/S ONLY! With Good MV Head (Complete!)

Call us if you have cores to sell and don't see it on this list!! Our needs change daily! The process is painless!

Box up your cores and send them in - WE'LL GO THROUGH THEM FOR YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: All cores must have good threads, have no water damage and be rust-free to be bought as a complete thermostat or safety. However, we always have a need for repair parts in remanufacturing! So,send us your bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers and we'll see if we can make you a GREAT DEAL! Just no water damage, please!!

Fill out the Core List and email to chris@erepco.com  

We'll provide a call tag for FREE SHIPPING to be picked up at your location!

Download Core List