There are many advantages in the remanufacturing of cooking appliance controls and safeties. The most important ones are: 

  • Dangerous chemicals are not deposited in landfills.
  • Less volume of refuse is deposited in landfills.
  • Warranty periods meet or beat those of new controls and safeties.
  • Your company benefits from an environment-friendly reputation.
  • Your company’s costs and profits are optimized.

The State of New York said it best in the State Bill A10868 from May 11, 1998, which states in no uncertain terms the benefits to New York, small businesses, the economy, and the environment when remanufacturing is optimally utilized. Please feel free to open and print State Bill A10868, and look at a very important article from the New York Times.

Please note these excerpts from State Bill A10868:

 Section 1: “… remanufactured products are the highest form of recycling, the legislature finds and declares that the state should actively seek to purchase remanufactured goods.”

 Section 3.11:  “Remanufactured means the process where a commodity is restored to its original specifications and is thereby diverted from the solid waste stream, retaining the bulk of components that have been through at least one life cycle and replacing consumable portions to enable the item to be restored to its original function.”

Please note these excerpts from the New York Times article:

"Once the purview of myriad small companies that eked out a living refurbishing carburetors, printer cartridges and other used parts, remanufacturing - a  method of re-using old parts in new machines - has hit corporate America in a big way."

"From Xerox to Saturn, from Lucent to DuPont, from Kodak to Steelcase, companies of all types and technologies are looking to remanufacturing as a premier way to hold costs down and keep products out of landfills. No longer happy to let their small-company forebearers breathe new life into their discarded machines, many are stepping up their collection methods and re-use technologies to bring older products home."

With New York - and many other states in consideration - being strongly “on the record” about the benefits of remanufacturing, AND mandating that remanufactured items should be used wherever possible, Repco’s remanufactured controls and safeties are more than favorably received in all major metropolitan areas.

For example, an MSC domestic safety is dangerous to deposit in a landfill. The only reason for an MSC to be replaced in the field is because the diaphragm has ruptured from constant cycling. Therefore, when it is deposited into a landfill, it has already secreted mercury into its housing. Then, when deposited into a landfill, it is put under additional pressure from compacting.

How many remanufacturing programs can save you money and make you money all at the same time? Repco will buy many of the used cores that you may have sitting around and taking up space in boxes and barrels. Why not send them in and turn them into money? Also, those same cores can be sent in for rebuilding and save you 25% - 40% over the cost of new. Not only have you improved your bottom-line - you've improved your local environment - which translates to an improved and healthier world environment.

Several years ago Ronald J. Chandler – our Founder and CEO - was called by a Washington, D.C. distributor to come and retrieve thirteen barrels of MSC safeties. The distributor did not want to deposit safety cores in landfills. The distributor had already experienced the downfall of a lawsuit from the city of Washington, D.C. for the improper depositing of contactors from refrigerators into surrounding landfills. This distributor knew that mercury could be much more dangerous to the environment than the previous contactors, which contain other dangerous chemicals on the EPA “hit list.”

All cities, towns, and even rural areas should definitely consider REQUIRING the recycling/remanufacturing of ALL COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC MERCURY SAFETY DEVICES.

Remember, we capture and recycle ALL MERCURY for ALL MERCURY SAFETY DEVICES!

Finally, R.J. and I would like to thank all of our current and prospective customers for the opportunity to work with them in not only saving them money – but, in.  safeguarding and improving our environment, both local and global.

Please do not hesitate to call my office should you have any questions or need additional information concerning Repco’s products and services. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

We wish you continued success in all your personal and professional endeavors.

Best Regards,

Carla S. Chandler, MBA