Repco Replacement Parts, Inc. now has its catalog available online!

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Repco Catalog
Subject Index
Commercial Section Page
FMDA/FMEA Safeties 1
MSC, HW, TS11 Safeties, Flame Switches 2
Power Head Kits 3
FD Thermostats 4-6
BJ Thermostats 7-8
U and GS Thermostats 9
Old Gas Thermostats 10
Combo Valves 11-13
Baso Valves 14
D1 and Hotpoint Electric Thermostats 15
K Series Electric Thermostats 16-31
LC Hi-Limit Controls 32-37
FE Hi-Limit Controls 37
Domestic Section Page
Flame Switches 38
Safeties 39-40
ITT Thermostats and Gas Valves 41
MP Thermostats 42
BJ and BJC Thermostats 43
BJJR, BJFM, BJFMA Thermostats 44
2200 Thermostats 44
Water Heater Controls-No Longer Available 44
U Thermostats 45-49
ELO, HW Compact/Old Style Thermostats 49
HW 6000 Series Thermostats 50-53
HW Gen VI Thermostats 54-57
Notes-Parts You Order Most Often 58
Wilcolator Thermostats 59
Old Gas Thermostats 60
Old Electric Thermostats 61
Accessories Section 62-66
Cross Reference Section 67-71